BBQ Tempeh Lettuce Wraps – Gluten-Free Vegan Meals in Minutes


Working late and need an easy idea for a super quick, yet healthy dinner?  Try these BBQ tempeh lettuce wraps.  Not familiar with tempeh?  It’s made from fermented soy beans and is a whole, unprocessed food.  Be sure to get traditional, organic (since most soy is GMO) and watch out for versions made with additional grains as these varieties could contain gluten.

Wash some romaine lettuce and chop up green onions, tomatoes and avocados. Set aside.


Crumble a block of tempeh in a pan and add your favorite gluten-free, vegan BBQ sauce. Heat on medium and stir until tempeh is hot and mixed well with the sauce.


Build your lettuce wrap. Dinner is served!

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