Summer Good Sandwich

Summer-good-burger-gluten-free-vegan-me  A non-vegan friend of mine posted a photo of his colossal sandwich (two burgers sandwiched with barbecued pulled pork, two cheeses, cole slaw on a toasted bun) with the caption SUMMER BAD.  I took one look and thought, well, yeah – that’s pretty bad for so many reasons.  Dairy cows and their babies, steers, pigs and chickens from the eggs – probably in the bun- all suffered for that sammie.  And let’s not forget my buddy’s arteries.  But something intrigued me about the combination and it did sound good veganized.  So… here’s my SUMMER GOOD sandwich!  And yes, it was pretty damn good!

Summer Good Sandwich

  • 2 veggie burgers

Grill your favorite gluten-free, veggie burger.  For this one I used Sunshine Burger Loco Chipotle. The spiciness was perfect with the tangy slaw and the BBQ Jackfruit.

Drain one can of young green jackfruit canned in water, add ½ cup your favorite BBQ sauce. Heat in a sauce pan until warm. Here’s my post with pictures!

  • ¼ cup Zesty Slaw (recipe here)
  • 1 slice white vegan cheese
    I used the Chao Coconut Herb from Field Roast  – yummy!
  • 1 slice vegan cheddar cheese
    I used Daiya cheddar. I didn’t have the slices so I used the shreds both work great.
  • Vegan, gluten-free bread (or buns if you can find them – I haven’t been able to find any where I live that don’t have eggs.)

Grill the burgers and add the white cheese, grill the bread and add the yellow cheese, place burger on bread, top with jackfruit and tangy slaw.  Devour!





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