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The Last Heart Attack?

Most vegans know the benefits of a plant-based diet to their bodies. But I’d venture to guess, the majority of Americans have no idea how much diet can affect their heart – both good and bad. Did you know most heart attacks happen … Continue reading

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NuDe On The Go

Yes, you read the title right.  No, I’m not running around naked.  I found another quick and delicious option for on-the-go nutrition!  And, no, I am not getting freebies or any kind of kick back for sharing this information. Getting ready to … Continue reading

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Cheese Stinks!

It’s bad for you. Really, really bad for you. It’s addictive – truly. So when you say you can’t give it up, it’s because you’re hooked. Literally.  Casein, the main dairy protein, breaks apart during digestion to release little opiate … Continue reading

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