Xel-Ha – Vegan Vacation Part Five

Just north of Tulum you’ll find Xel-Ha, a fun, all-inclusive day of snorkeling and playing in the water.  They have a huge buffet and it does have a few vegan options. They offered salad, fruit, corn chips, guacamole and some salsas.  If the salsa says “caliente,” trust the label.  I like hot food, but some of these salsas can set your mouth on fire.  Hubby and I stuck with fruits and fresh raw vegetables for our food that day, but it was the perfect thing to eat since most of the day we were in the water.

This is our third visit to Xel-Ha.  The first time, the water seemed much cleaner and it wasn’t very crowded.  Now, sadly, there are signs everywhere, begging people not to wear chemical sunscreen in the water because ingredients in sunscreen are harmful to the fish.  We could tell there were less fish to see and it made me sad.  We did see a couple sting rays and Hubby is pretty sure he saw a big barracuda.  Maybe it wasn’t the sunscreen that made the fish disappear after all.

Our favorite part of the day was playing on the zip lines.  Here’s a picture of hubby on the hand held version.  I don’t quite have the biceps he does, so I opted for the sitting version. You splash into the water at the end. Fun!

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