Vegan Vacation Part Six – Tortugas and Mamey

This was supposed to be our snorkel with the turtles day.  We had planned to rent a car and drive just north of Tulum to snorkel with the big sea turtles.  The safe in our room broke and because we had to hang out while they tried unsuccessfully to fix it, we got a really late start.  When we finally got to Akumal , we had no idea exactly where the turtles were. Taking a guess, we went the wrong way but saw a little dirt road down to the beach, and decided to just throw on the snorkel gear and head for the water before the sun went down. To our delight, the beach was all coral and we saw some beautiful fish and underwater vegetation.  We headed back to town to walk around and learn where to go the next day to find the turtles.

On the way to town, we met a fruit vendor who gave us a taste of  Mamey. This incredible fruit’s taste, color and texture reminded us of pumpkin pie minus the cinnamon. It was starchy,  incredibly sweet with a hint of vanilla or caramel. Rumor has it they are also an aphrodisiac. We bought two to eat for dinner.  If only I could find them back home.

The following day, after needing to wait yet again for our safe to be repaired, we finally got to snorkel with the turtles. Being so close to these huge and wonderful creatures was such an amazing experience and worth the persistance.

We tried to stay 3 meters away from this one, who decide to change directions right in front of us!

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