Corn from Mars?

Well, not quite from Mars, but named after our fellow planet, Martian Jewel Organic Corn  is really beautiful! Far from GMO Frankencorn, this  organic, heirloom variety grew into  lovely purple stocks, with purple hulls, tender yellow corn and deep purple cobs. And they taste great too-not terribly sweet, but nice and starchy. I found my seeds at Seeds of Change. We’re fans of eating corn raw, right off the cob. It’s amazingly fresh that way and uses no resources to prepare.

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2 Responses to Corn from Mars?

  1. Very nice…I will be on the look out for ‘Corn from Mars’ one here in Belgium. 🙂

  2. I LOVE corn and have been missing out on it since most all of it is GMO! I will have to look into Seeds of Change thanks for the information 🙂 Love and Shine CourtStar

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