Tofu Waffle Fail

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I saw beautiful photos on Facebook of crispy, perfect tofu waffles.  I was dying to try making these and thought it sounds like a really fun way to prepare tofu.  I even saw a video of a woman and a little boy making them – so easy a little kid could do it, right?

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Well… I don’t know if it’s my uber cheap waffle iron or my lack of professional culinary training, but my tofu waffles flopped – big time.  I cut my tofu into 1/2″ thick quarters and marinated them in some Bragg’s and sesame oil, used a little peanut oil on the hot waffle iron and plopped in my tofu. And waited. And waited. And waited. Hubby kept checking the waffle iron and thought the tofu would fall out easily, like a waffle.  Nope.  First batch got all stuck in the iron.  We cleaned it out.


Tried more oil on the second batch which also got stuck in the iron and created an even bigger mess.  Yes, it got crispy.  Sort of. In spots. It didn’t absorb the Bragg’s and I used more oil than when I fry it in nonstick pan, so it was not as tasty and seemed oilier than the tofu squares I love to make.

So…bagging the waffle idea,  I took a second package of tofu and prepared it our favorite way, little sliced squares, cooked in a tiny amount of peanut oil (about a teaspoon or less) and some Bragg’s until crispy.



Much faster, way easier to clean up and also tastier in my humble opinion.



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2 Responses to Tofu Waffle Fail

  1. Marcy says:

    From the picture, it looks like the waffle iron used was a Belgian waffle one and that rice is what is calling me. I hate it when someone makes something look so quick and easy and it is a torture for me. Like 30 minute meals that end up taking me 2 hours! Anyway, I like the way your tofu looks the way you usually do it. As long as tofu is a bit crispy, I will like it.

    • Janie says:

      I agree Marcy. And the tofu cooked up in a pan is really tasty. Sometimes I through in a little chopped garlic too. Great cold the next day on a salad too!

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