Have You Heard About the Vegan Trade Council?

Shouldn’t vegan businesses have an organization to represent their interests? 


Of course they should! That’s why I’m excited to learn about the formation of the Vegan Trade Council!  The vegan industry is vibrant, growing and will benefit from joining together. A  trade association can provide support for advocacy, industry growth and mainstream acceptance of vegan products.

Can you imagine school lunches allowing plant-based milk instead of the currently required cow’s milk?  Wouldn’t it be great if MyPlate made greater reference to healthy, plant-based foods? Public health?  Well, that’s an area where vegan lifestyles need to be promoted in a big way. And we all know how important adopting a vegan lifestyle is for our environment; watch Cowspiracy if you need convincing. We need the Vegan Trade Council to unite vegan trade and make our voice loud and clear.

Alan Nemeth, professor of animal law at the American University Washington College of Law and the University School of Law is leading the formation of the trade group. Nemeth stated, “The dairy, beef, pork, poultry, and seafood industries all have trade associations and high-powered lobbyists to represent their interests legally, legislatively, in the development of regulations, and in the promotion of their products in the press and in the marketplace. These trade associations are effective, because they represent the views and dollars of their entire respective industries. The vegan food industry currently has no such trade association and subsequently has no coordinated representation to help build public relations and promote plant-based interests nationwide. As such, the animal-based product industry has no vegan trade contemporary to argue the vegan industry’s positions with regard to issues such as public health, the environment, the Farm Bill, agricultural livestock, school lunches, dietary alternatives, and so on. It is time that the vegan industry gets a seat at the table.”

The Vegan Trade Council is reaching out to vegan businesses and the vegan community, building its membership and support base. If you’re interested in membership, learning more about the Council or contributing, reach out to them online, vegantradecouncil.com.

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