Terrific Tahini

Sesame seeds are super nutritious and a great source of protein and calcium. Tahini is sesame seed butter.


Tahini’s nutty flavor and smooth texture make it great as a spread on bread or most famously, as the base for hummus.  I decide to try making some from scratch in my food processor and it was pretty easy and amazingly delicious!

To get started, pour 2 cups of raw sesame seeds (look for them in bulk at health food stores or ethnic markets to save money) into a food processor with the bottom blade attached.

If you’re food processor is a simple one like mine, you will need to stop the food processor and scrape the sides occasionally to keep the process going.

Once it starts to ball together, let it run longer and continue to stop and scrape sides only if needed.

Plan to spend about 40 minutes making this spread.  2 cups of raw seeds make about 1/2 cup of Tahini.

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