Vegan Vacation Part Seven – Good-Bye Kitchen, Hello All-Inclusive

One week is never enough time to truly unwind on the beach.  Just when you get into the vibe, suddenly it’s time to go home to reality.  Last time we visited Playa Del Carmen, Hubby and I decided to make a pact to stay at least a few more days on our next visit.  Keeping our pact, we opted to splurge for five days at the Riu Playacar, an all-inclusive resort, just down the beach from our little studio.  On our first visit to Playa, seven years ago, we won a trip to the Riu Tequilla, just across the street.  Our memories of fabulous food made us want to rediscover the Riu and after cooking and doing dishes for all but two of our meals, I was really looking forward to a break.

Hubby and I were a little nervous about having enough food choices, but our fears were soon dispersed. They had a fabulous salad bar with the darkest leafy greens I’ve ever seen.  They called them spinach, but they didn’t look anything like the spinach in the U.S.  We learned the guacamole was also vegan.  If worse came to worse, we could live on greens, guacamole and fruit for the next five days.  Unfortunately, the cooked food was another story.  Almost everything had either meat or cheese added.  The few veggie choices they did have were mostly cooked in butter.

It was fun to have your salad ready chopped and all the fruit smoothies you can drink on demand, but by the end of the trip, we were both ready for anything besides greens and guacamole, which along with a few salad toppings and fruit, we did end up living on for five days.

But they were five fabulous, relaxing days on the beach.  And one amazing night watching the big orange moon rise over Cozumel while sitting in the lifeguard tower. Nature puts on an incredible show.

So overall, we managed to travel vegan and gluten-free without many hurdles.  The trip was wonderful and we learned a little about how to overcome the challenges faced in as vegans on the road. We came home feeling healthy, happy and rested.  Now that I’ve been home for a few days, I’m already missing the beach. Guacamole and a fruit smoothie anyone?

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