Pumpkin, Kale and Leek Soup



Working on your waistline this New Year’s? One of my favorite, healthy and usually low-calorie foods is soup. It fills you up; it’s warm and satisfying and it tastes good!

Here’s an easy soup to keep you warm. It’s low in sodium and very low in fat. In fact, if you choose to sauté your leeks and garlic in water, there’s no fat at all. But it’s thick and filling. And it’s perfect for a snowy, winter day!

Pumpkin, Kale and Leek Soup

1 cup cooked leeks (I love Trader Joe’s frozen leeks for a quick fix.)
1 glove minced garlic
1 tbs olive oil (optional – you can sauté  in water for a fat free version)
4 cups kale (you can sub spinach, collard or chard or any mixture of these)
4 cups cooked pumpkin or winter squash
2 cups veggie broth or veggie bouillon
2 tsp ground sage
1 tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
½ tsp thyme
½ tsp marjoram
¼ tsp rosemary

In large soup pan, sauté leeks and garlic in olive oil on medium heat until tender; add kale and sauté until wilted and tender. Remove about ½ cup of the greens and leeks and set aside (optional). Add pumpkin or squash and veggie broth. Mix well, Pour ingredients into blender and puree until smooth. Pour back into soup pan. Chop the greens and leeks you set aside earlier into bite sized pieces and stir into puree for  added texture. Heat and serve warm.

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